I work with individuals as well as groups of all ages to teach both basic meditation skills as well as a more in-depth mindfulness practice.  Mindfulness can benefit different people in different ways, so I will work with you to discover how it can be incorporated into your life... are you a parent seeking be more patient with your children?  An athlete who wants to be able to focus better to enhance your performance?  A teenager suffering from anxiety?  Someone who is stressed out from your job or daily routine?  Mindfulness can help in all of these areas, once a consistent practice is established. 

First sessions are free.  I will meet with you to explain the basics of meditation and mindfulness, answer your questions, and discuss how mindfulness can benefit you.  My goal is to help you not only discover what mindfulness is, but also learn how to accommodate it into your lifestyle and use it in a way that supports your well-being. 

Please contact me if you're interested in getting started! 


Private Instruction




Jump-Start Meditation Program: step-by-step guidance on beginning a basic meditation practice

  • Personal consultation and introduction to meditation session
  • Overview of meditation and mindfulness resources and apps
  • Two coaching sessions: meditation basics
  • Meditation "cheat sheet" with practice suggestions
  • Meditation journal

Mindfulness Training Program: progress from a breath-based meditation practice to develop a deeper understanding of mindfulness and its broader applications in daily life

  • Personal consultation to discuss questions, concerns, and goals
  • Eight coaching sessions: develop deeper understanding of mindfulness
  • Explore applications of mindfulness including:
  • Improve concentration and attention span
  • Lessen the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Learn to "turn off" negative self talk
  • Prepare better for exams
  • Eat mindfully to reinforce positive relationship with food
  • Reduce emotional reactivity
  • Strengthen feelings of compassion and gratitude
  • Create higher quality moment-to-moment experiences
  • For athletes, enhance performance by recognizing and redirecting unproductive thoughts

    Private instruction may take place in your home (in the Basking Ridge area) or in my office in Summit. Please email or call me to schedule an appointment.  


    I offer free introductory workshops that cover the science behind mindfulness, the benefits of practice, and a brief group meditation.  These workshops are a great opportunity to develop a basic understanding of what mindfulness is, ask questions, and determine how mindfulness can benefit you.    

    Workshops for December will cover mindfulness for teens and youth ages 8-12.  They will take place at the Somerset County YMCA in Basking Ridge.  Please stay tuned for more details.  

    Health Coaching 

    As a trained holistic health coach, I offer counseling on a variety of wellness topics besides for mindfulness. Want to boost your immune system this winter?  Reduce sugar cravings?  Incorporate more vegetables into your diet?  

    A health coach can help you explore and understand all of the lifestyle and behavioral factors that affect overall health and well being.  Your coach can then work with you to set goals related to improving your health, devise a specific plan of action for achieving your goals, and overcome any potential barriers along the way.  

    Please email or call me to schedule an appointment.